Dynamic Security Solutions - One Card

Are you concerned about the security, portability or life expectancy for your company’s identification badge? Is your company interested in increasing identification security, or reducing the number of tokens and passwords to be managed?  Today’s credentials can do so much more than get people through doors!  Ask us to review current credential options.  You may find after some consideration that change is not required.  If change is needed, we can help plan and implement a seamless migration to limit business interruption and prevent inconvenience to your employees.  

Our Federal Government is working hard, via programs such as FIPS, CAC and TWIC, to create secure, portable identification credentials that can be utilized for multiple purposes.  It’s not too early for physical security experts to educate themselves on these important technologies.  The same card being used every day to get into and around the facility can now function at the checkout lane in the cafeteria and to improve security and convenience when logging onto the network.  

Dynamic Security looks forward to helping you find the right card to fit your needs today while planning for the future.

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