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Using solutions built on industry standards is a natural extension of our long-term commitment to provide good advice.  History is replete with stories showing the great impact that standards have on marketplaces.  Anyone who has owned and maintained proprietary hardware can re-count that selections improve and prices decrease when productive standards reach the market and the proprietary solutions give way to more inter-operable solutions.   Imagine trying to navigate the world of digital music without the MP3 standard!  

There is no such thing as 100% open or 100% closed.   Everything is in degrees.  We research and keep abreast of the market with the intent to ensure we are positioned to deliver the best solutions with a long future ahead of them.  Because Dynamic Security Focuses on Open we are able to offer some distinct advantages:


Jason Maatusow on the nature of open


Multi-Disciplinary Open Standards
Business case for Open Standards

What is Open?  The Encarta website contains over 7 pages of definitions!  So much has been made of this word that it is necessary to explain exactly what we mean.  To us at Dynamic, “open” embodies four concepts:

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