Dynamic Security Solutions - Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection can have many layers.  At its most simplistic form your home-based alarm dialer is a type of intrusion detection.  In its more complex forms, intrusion detection includes sensors that differentiate background events from real threats and provide a higher level of situational awareness to security staff.   There are a vast array of sensors on the market.  Their method of operation, effectiveness, and cost vary to a wide degree, making selection of the right products essential. 

In spite of the noise created by so many competing ideas, today’s products are easier and less costly to install, have higher probability of detection (PD) and lower Nuance Alarm Rates (NAR).  This is especially true of well designed systems which may employ multiple-factor methods of alarm detection.

Dynamic Security can help you design, test and evaluate technologies to protect your perimeter.  We highly recommend pilot testing for all perimeter intrusion system deployments and can work to complete these in short order at reasonable cost.

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