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The most negative thing that can happen to a security team is to discover that technology systems did not deliver when a significant event occurred.   The decisions that result in achieving the right balance of assets, conscientious budget and high-uptime start during the assessment and planning phase.  With the pace of change, and the number of innovative products available in the security market today, good decision making is harder than ever.  We act as a qualified resource to owners, architects and security systems designers during this first crucial stage.   


Proper design is the foundation of system longevity and function.  Security system designs are often multi-disciplinary, involving elements of civil, electrical, architectural, and network engineering to build an aesthetically pleasing, effective, and cost-conscious solution.  We take the time with each installation and system extension to consider and document the details prior to starting work.  Adequate design documentation with thoughtful client review leads to fewer mistakes during implementation and lower total cost of ownership over the years.


We keep a fully qualified staff of project managers, engineers, and technicians with significant field experience to ensure a project is implemented smoothly.  We will complete your system on time and inside budget no matter the size or complexity.  Our assumption that all systems and clients are unique leads us to have the tools to cross many disciplines and solve most security technology problems. 


Testing and documenting system completion is one of the most crucial and often under-resourced aspects of any construction project, and security installations are no exception.  Too often the most sensitive functional aspects of a system are left until the very end.   Frequently the result is client and installer frustration when end-of-project requirements cannot be delivered because they were not planned for.  By utilizing a life-cycle methodology, we help prevent this problem.  We work with you to develop an agreeable test plan up front during the design phase and encourage end-user involvement in this phase.  As with other aspects of our work, we assume your testing needs may be unique.  We have a standard test plan, but will work with your to develop one that meets the operational and/or regulatory environment of your organization.




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