About Dynamic Security

Dynamic Security is a service organization.  We approach each of our clients with the assumption that your needs and objectives are unique.  This approach drives everything we do from design through maintenance service.

We look for opportunities to use emerging open-architecture technology offerings in unique ways to prevent security and safety problems from occurring and detect those that do.

We start every relationship by learning about your business and the risks that require mitigation.  Once these are understood we can make competent recommendations for cost-effective deployment of technologies.

Dynamic Security has Expertise in each of these areas:

  1. Physical (doors, elevators, vehicle entry) access control.
  2. Egress hardware.
  3. Enterprise Wifi and Wireless Locking Hardware.
  4. Video Surveillance.
  5. Intercom, two-way voice, and emergency voice communications.
  6. Wired and wireless Network deployment.
  7. Network security as it relates to the security systems.
  8. Smart Cards and One-Card Solutions.
  9. Intrusion prevention and detection.   

We take a systems life cycle approach to our work.   The most visible result of this approach is our customized long-term service and maintenance plans that maximize the uptime, longevity, and system function.

Part of our life-cycle approach includes consideration of end-of-life plans for obsolete equipment.  While most other organizations toss the equipment into the landfill, we have developed a program to safely and cost effectively remove gear from your site and dispose of it without damage to the environment.  Ask us about our “Green Removal” plan.



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